Julie N. Cantrell

Jim Chancellor has been a huge asset to the formation and success of the Veterans Treatment Court. Jim has served as a mentor to six veterans since the court’s inception in 2014. He has helped veterans find assistance with housing and paying utility bills. Jim’s experience as a veteran and his willingness to share his experience has given the staff of the VTC great insight into aiding veterans who have taken part in the program. Jim has been essential in making our Veterans Treatment Court a success.

Julie N. Cantrell, Judge
Veteran Steve Gniadek

One day at the VA, I was sharing my hard luck story to a fellow veteran, and he said, “you need to call Jim Chancellor.” Boy am I glad I did. Jim and his network of resources took me from near homelessness, without a valid driver’s license and paying an Uber driver to take me back and forth to a dead in job, to where I am today. Not only did Jim help me regain my driver’s license but he also helped me get my Class A Commercial Driver’s License back which allowed me to move into a new apartment and start my life over again. Thanks Jim. Thanks for all you do for our veterans.

Steve Gniadek

After my Husband was diagnosed with stage four tongue, throat and jaw cancer in October of 2015, he had 2 major facial surgeries, including a reconstruction surgery in June of 2016. He hasn’t been able to return to work, and I have been caring for him which makes it nearly impossible to work. Jim has made extended efforts in providing my family and I with presents for last year’s Christmas: toys, food, and shoes for my whole family. Also, if there was something I needed and Jim couldn’t provide, he always made sure I received the information and resources that could get me the assistance I needed. For that I am extremely thankful. Without Jim’s time and dedication my family and I wouldn’t be where we are today. Thank you, Jim.

Tracy Butler
Jim with Bob Hope

I really appreciate the Vietnam Veterans Ring you presented to me on Sunday, at the Holiday Star Plaza. You know that Vietnam was such a controversial war was while it was going on, that our veterans never got any of the credit they deserved until after some of these pictures came out. Then the people saw what the real fighting looked like. They started to realize that these Vietnam Veterans really put themselves on the line. I'll be very proud of this Ring. I've had a lot of souvenirs in my lifetime, but this one is a stand-out! I really appreciate your thoughts...all those kind words, and I do hope to see you again.

Bob Hope

We want to extend our many thanks for coming to our school and speaking with us. This whole experience has been very enlightening for all of us and we truly feel changed because of it. We are all so blessed to know a gentleman like you! You are not only a hero to all of us citizens, but the ones you fought with—you are a hero for being the voice for all who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. May God continue to bless you, your journey and your family!

Casey Nater, Colby, Aurora, Aaron & Drew
Jim with General William Westmoreland

By your initiative to create the ring, you have made an important contribution to the resurgence of pride by the Vietnam Veteran in himself and an awareness by the American people that the Vietnam Veteran did the job his Nation's leaders asked him to do and did it well under circumstances unique in American history.

To put it another way, the ring is further evidence that we Vets are ready to stand up proudly and be counted for our role in history.

William Childs Westmoreland
General, United States Army; Commander, U.S. Forces, 1964-1968; Chief of Staff, U.S. Army, 1968-1972.

I have been wearing your Vietnam Veterans' Ring...and wanted to tell you how much more the ring has come to mean to me than I had ever imagined.

It has been a link between myself and other Vietnam Veterans who might never had made themselves known to me if they had not seen the ring. The ring is a source of pride and recognition of a special brotherhood that came from this unique dedication and service to our country.

(The ring) has been responsible for initiating many wonderful friendships, for assisting me in keeping the lines of communication open between myself and other vets, and, more than once, for finding vets who were needing assistance for one reason or another.

Sammy L. Davis C.M.H.
Sergeant First Class, Battery C, 2nd Battalion, 4th Artillery, 9th Infantry Division.
Medal of Honor Recipient

Jim is a focused Vietnam Veteran that has a passion to improve the civilian community’s awareness of the process for soldiers to reintegrate into civilian life, post military assignments. Jim relates his experience in Vietnam along with his own reintegration process as a baseline for an on target, insightful presentation. This presentation is designed to stimulate discussions that pertain to the uphill battle many of our soldiers returning from the battlefield face on a daily basis. Jim has been there, done that—and his straightforward presentation provokes PTSD discussions based on real world experiences.

Bob Carnagey
Employment Specialist
Indiana National Guard

Post-traumatic stress affects not only the individual, but it affects every person involved with their lifestyle.

Jim Chancellor helps the healing process of survivors and expands the awareness of others through his dynamic communication, knowledge and compassion. I have laughed, cried and been inspired with hope by his meaningful presentations.

Professor Marcia A. Miller, M.A, M.S.N.

Jim Chancellor possesses the natural ability to inspire audiences. Through his words he encourages, challenges and awakens people to re-examine their old beliefs. Jim speaks with simplicity and from the heart. Audiences of all ages relate to his style and presentations. I know you will love him too.

Dr. Heather Ann Harder, PhD
Purdue University Northwest

Jim’s presentations are directly from his experiences of war and his life afterwards. He shares his personal struggles coupled with striking statistics that are often overlooked by society. His efforts are thought provoking and bring the war home to his audience.

Dr. Henry Hitchcock